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As I tell all those that inquire about my calibration services, my calibration sessions now come in two flavors. The "THX Full Service" session takes about 4 to 6 hours and sometimes longer. There is a large education component to the calibration process. The premise behind this is that answers ... without any understanding, are answers that have no meaning or value. Calibration provides answers, but without the understanding of the questions, the process is for naught and wasted.

(Cost of this service is $350 to $600 depending on what configuration is requested.)

Cool Stuff and way more education with the Full THX service. The second type of calibration service is the "THX Express Service" that takes up to two hours. In both cases, the end result is the same, a properly calibrated display. (Cost of this service is $200 to $475 depending on what configuration is requested.) Everyone gets the same great picture and I use the same calibration equipment in both versions of the service.

The best way to describe the two service levels is to use the DVD example. "Movie Only" DVD and the "Special Edition" DVD with all the extras. Both versions deliver the same movie, but one gets a cliff note version of the education and no other perks or extras in the Express version (Extended education, THX plaque, Demo Discs, Graphs, etc.).

The education shortfall is made up for by getting temporary access to my video training series.

Calibration packages to fit all budgets.

Cost structure for displays is as follows:

Base price for 2D calibration of Display ... (up to 2 HDMI inputs). (Usually $350-$400 depending on the display)

3D will be an additional cost. ($75)

ISF/THX modes via computer interface will be an additional cost. ($150)

Calibration through DVDO or Lumagen or other external processor. ($75)

Computer Monitor Display Calibration ($75)

No travel fees - As long as there is sufficient interest in an area, there are no additional travel fees on top of the calibration service.

Additional Displays in the the same home will be discounted. ($100-$200)

Good light control is always a plus for calibration work and while pitch black is not needed, the darker the room environment, the better.

[important]Video Calibration Services - Business[/important]

Base charge for calibration services is available for businesses and they are free to mark up this service at their discretion. Customers might like the idea that the actual "THX" Instructor came to fine tune their Video system, not just someone that took the THX class.

Saves the company the need to get THX video training for themselves and then pay for the equipment and maintain it and build their experience one display at a time ...

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