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Planning to build your dream home theater? Get some great advice about doing it right the first time.  This is the service that people wished they knew about before they built their home theater or hired the wrong installation company that took them for a ride.  Get so many of your questions answered like ... See more
Your modest home theater is set up and maybe you don't even want to call it that. The system is working, but you now have in front of you a remote control for the TV, one for your cable box, one for your DVD/BD player, one for your Stereo Receiver, and maybe even one for your Apple TV. This stuff takes up a lot of space on the table and you have to make sure you don't misplace one of these. Before you even know it, you have remote control clutter. Wouldn't it be nice if you had just one remote here that could control everything? See more
Are you tangled with the wires behind your home theater equipment? True Audio & Video hook up services have arrived. If you have audio and video gear and you need help setting it up and getting everything connected and working right, then this service is for you. We are going to set it up as if it was our own system as this is not just a job, but also part of our passion (and obsession). See more
If you have ever bought a sound system, especially a surround sound system and tried wiring up the amplifier and working through the menu of features, you have probably come across things like - delay, speaker distance, test tone, phase, x-over, large or small speakers and a host of other choices and options. These are there for a reason, but are widely misunderstood, misused or, most commonly ignored. See more
As I tell all those that inquire about my calibration services, my calibration sessions now come in two flavors. The "THX Full Service" session takes about 4 to 6 hours and sometimes longer. There is a large education component to the calibration process. The premise behind this is that answers ... without any understanding, are answers that have no meaning or value. Calibration provides answers, but without the understanding of the questions, the process is for naught and wasted. See more