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Autumn Colors

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Nice and sharp and crisp. What all images should look like. Except what are those halos on all the edges?


This is the picture as the artist intended it to look like.


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Beautiful Mountains

Are you seeing the real picture? Is this what the filmmakers want you to see?

Beautiful Mountains Revealed

Here is what you are missing ... as the Artist intended. Your TV is most likely doing this too ...


Orange fish in a green pond.

Something wrong with the colors ...

Same image, what looked right is not right anymore. It's the people in the picture that tell us that there is a problem with the colors.

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--Michael Chen
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Planning to build your dream home theater? Get some great advice about doing it right the first time. This is the service that people wished they knew about before they built their home theater or hired the wrong installation company that took them for a ride.Read more
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What is TV Fine Tuning (Calibration) About?

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" I came away not just with a perfectly calibrated TV, but a greater understanding of the science behind everything. Highly recommended!

Brendan JonesEdmonton, AB

"Mr. Chen was one of my instructors, and the calibration history he brings -- and shares -- with the class is easily one of the best things students will takeaway."

John SciaccaSound & Vision Magazine
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November 4, 20134 years ago

Calibration & Training Tours

Now booking for Nov. 20 to Dec. 7, 2013. With stops in Winnipeg, Thunder Bay & Sudbury. Learn to do it yourself correctly under Michael's watchful eye or have Michael do it for you. Take your pick, it's all good. Read more